Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Friends have been suggesting I start writing for several years now. Those that know me best sometimes say, “When you speak, you can be very long-winded, but when you write, you speak volumes however, it reads more like a short story. You should write!”

Not one who is easily offended, after all they are being truthful, I still was too afraid, too busy, too lazy, too full of excuses to do anything about it.

Fast forward to the most recent 30 days: not only have close friends reminded me of this venture, a few strangers have suggested it as well. In response to a commentary I wrote on a social media site, many individuals were not only complementary but also asked the same question over and over–“Do you write a blog; I would definitely follow you!”

A new friend also went so far as to say, “I believe the Internet needs to hear what you have to say.” Not too much pressure there! Whew!

So, here I am, about to kick this in to gear and jump feet first into the blogosphere. There will be a significant focus on perspective shifts with a dose of inspiration and a helping of humor. Blend these things together with healthy discussion and interaction, I hope you will join me on a journey where together we find new ways to look at things and find some peace, kindness, love and happiness along the way!