Wonder vs. Belief:  “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” –Gary Spence

In building relationships, understanding the human condition is critical. It’s not just our way that is right or important; we must put ourselves in their shoes. We need to see things from their perspective; to understand where they were coming from and learning of their struggles, joys and knowledge.

This one is tough sometimes and I have been struggling somewhat in the last few months with a relationship I already have. The relationships we have with family, coworkers and friends are just as important as one with a partner.

Logically we know this, but maybe we take those relationships more for granted than we realize. To connect with all people at a more intimate level, we have to empty ourselves and be open to the wisdom the others bring rather than us trying to “figure them out”.

In doing this we exchange intellectual and real world experiences; we talk with people and not at them. We build deeper relationships.

Today, I am going to put myself in my friends shoes and walk a few miles as her, with her. Tonight, I hope to see things in a new light!