We are so bogged down with details in this day and age, it’s a wonder we accomplish anything of value.  Of course there are times when details and directions are critical, but everything in our daily lives doesn’t and shouldn’t need to be planned.

We get so tied up in the minutia that we lose sight of the bigger picture; we “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

When you feel yourself losing energy for something about which you once had a passion or if you can’t seem to finish a project/task, or you simply can’t make a decision, you know it’s time to step back and gain a fresh perspective.

Taking this step away is not abandoning your work, it’s seeing the whole picture or the overall general situation more clearly. The overwhelming negative energy is dispelled and you can feel the positive energy and light seep back in to your body when your perspective shifts from every little detail to simply envisioning what your desired outcome looks like.

Instead of not being able to see the forest for the trees, this week, let’s focus on visualizing the outcome despite the trees. The details and areas on which we should focus will naturally, organically appear and help re-energize our strive for the finish line.