Waking up to a chill in the air

Taking that first sip of coffee as I sit outside being quiet and still

The birds song, the dog bark, the rustle of the leaves, the water in the fountain, my heartbeat…

Closing my eyes, absorbing nature and listening, listening for the whisper that calms my mind and fills my heart and soul with abundant   mercy, grace, peace, joy and love.

I wait, I pray…

There it is! When the weight is lifted instantly from my shoulders and calm and peace wash over me!

There, in the stillness, no loud booming voice is needed to grab my attention. No, it’s in the faintest whisper, “Peace, my child. You are forgiven, blessed and loved.”

I encourage you to take time today from the hustle and bustle and just listen. Often the boldest, most important thing we will hear comes in on the gentlest of breezes in the form of the sweetest whisper you will ever hear!

Have a blessed, love filled day my friends!