Watching the still smoldering embers of another epic bonfire and listening to the sounds of nature all around, I tried to get into a meditative state but, the world around me was also waking.

Click on some social media to catch up on some news and that message above just popped off the page. That universe; she is amazing and when she wants you to see something, teach something or learn something, she will certainly find a way to put it right in your face!

“Tumor of anger”…I have never heard of a more depressing, yet most accurate description of what occurs when someone carries around so much anger (or replace this with guilt, greed, shame, jealously, failure, narcissism, addictions, manipulative or controlling behavior or hate, etc.). These emotions or behaviors, if left unchecked, can consume us; feeding and growing from the negative energy one has allowed to take over the body.

“The more pain we hide, the more inappropriate the behavior..”  Common sense (looking in from the outside) and logical thinking sees this and knows it’s the truth. But when we are living this way, by not dealing with our deepest, darkest issues and pains, we may do things we wouldn’t normally do such as turn to alcohol, drugs, food, lies, excuses, become abusive (emotionally, physically, sexually), …anything to heal the pain, albeit it temporary, to mask the true issues eating us alive at our core.

No matter how old the issue is, until it is dealt with (perhaps with very extensive therapy), the tumor will continue to grow, being fed by our negative  behaviors–a vicious cycle from which there seems no escape.

Taking a long, hard, brutally honest look deep inside ourselves to see how our actions hurt others but most of all, hurt ourselves, is not easy. However, there comes a point where it is absolutely necessary to do so,  to hit our own rock bottom so that we can begin the healing process and gain back the positive light and energy we deserve.

Time to cut off the behaviors that feed the tumor and let in the light and love! Do not be afraid to ask for help; from family, from professionals, from your faith. You don’t have to walk this path alone.