What if today is the day? The day we shift our thinking and realize that among the chaos, the negativity, the bitterness, the violence, the illness, the grief, the sadness, the hate–we have a choice to live differently.

What if today is the day we make a new goal: to live our life in Radical Amazement! To actively seek the good, the beauty, and the wonder of not only the world but of each other.

Let today be the day to begin anew. Wake up and be renewed; be in awe of the sunrise. Absorb the positive energy all around and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Be grateful always!

Today is the day to shift your perspective and look with new eyes:

Everything is phenomenal!

Everything is incredible!

Make today the day you decide “I will no longer treat life casually.” This doesn’t mean to be serious all of the time, it means to seize each moment and live it fully. Have fun, take chances, take risks, laugh more!

Make today the day you decide “I will meet new people and I will engage and truly listen as they share their stories; I will see past the physical appearance and look inward to get to know their hearts and souls.”

Make today the day you decide “I will appreciate the beauty of the world around me”. I will take trips near and far and I will explore my own community (you know–all those places you say you will get to when you have the time). Let today be the day you make some time and you begin exploring.

Let today be the day you decide that being spiritual, or strengthening your faith, or just appreciating the universe, is to be amazed.

What if today is the day?

Today I choose Radical Thinking, Radical Love, Radical Authenticity!

Today, I choose to live a Radically Amazing Life!