Whether in a candlelit room, on a quiet park bench, or the beach at sunrise, I love to sit alone, not talking to anyone and simply listening to the sounds around me.

Except for those “sometimes moments” of longing, I like to sleep alone. I love the option to curl up in a ball under the blankets or to stretch out and own the space with nothing in my way.

While meals with friends, family or a date are always special, I enjoy dining alone. I can choose a fancy meal or ice cream. I can observe my surroundings, listen to the chatter or get lost in a good book while savoring the flavor of each bite.

I have been to the movies alone, local attractions alone, and sat at a bar alone. It’s not only the perfect way to explore nature, surroundings and people, it’s one of the best ways to learn about ourselves.

It is in being alone that we discover our dreams, our inspiration, our vision. It’s where we talk things out and leave behind the negative crap we constantly carry around.  It’s where we find our strength, our faith, our hope.  It’s where we grow and learn to see our true authentic selves with stunning clarity.

“All that makes you fragile and fierce and clever and powerful and wounded and creative and layered and thoughtful and moody and spiritual and wild and damaged can be described in one single word:  lovely.” ~ Beau Taplin

Lovely then becomes stunningly beautiful when you can be alone, be friends with, be confident in and at peace with yourself.

It’s by knowing ourselves and loving ourselves that we are able to increase our capacity to love others.

I am in love with my alone time!