I am truly grateful for everything in my life! Yes I mean everything. All things in life are either a lesson or a blessing and often the two marry to create one profound experience!  I am appreciative for learning how to honor these moments and allow them to help me grow in gratitude as I walk through my life journey.

When we honor our blessings, we are alive (remember that previous post on living in Radical Amazement?). When we choose to truly live in the present and not worry what tomorrow may bring, we realize what is important and are not letting life just slip by.

When we honor ourselves, we align with the universe. We become open to all she has to offer. When we can converse positively with ourselves, we can do so with each other. When we are comfortable expressing our true, authentic selves, we learn to trust again.

When we honor our faith, we are saying we are trying but can’t do it alone. We need God’s forgiveness, grace, mercy and abundant love.

When we honor our spirit and soul, we release kindness, compassion and love. We open ourselves to be more appreciative of art, music, nature, and the gifts others give to the world.

When we honor our authenticity, we attract the positive people and energy we desire. These people bring us light and love. These are the ones with whom we can rise up and change the world.

When we honor our mistakes, faults, weaknesses, and poor decisions, we own them. No one can use them against us. We learn, we grow, we atone and rectify and then move on. We do not honor guilt and shame as they no longer reside within us.

When we honor “us” and ALL of our life experiences, we learn to live in abundant gratitude. And this life choice allows us to be all we were created to be and leaving in our wake beauty, joy, kindness, respect, light and love.

Gratitude changes everything!

Happy Thanksgiving!