When you look in the mirror what do you see?  While not without fault or flaw, do you see truth, strength, authenticity, integrity, hope, happiness, fearlessness, faith, compassion, caring, beauty, light and love?

Or, do you first need to strip off the mask that you show to the world and there, in the shadows, you reveal your true self:  your pain, guilt, shame, judgement, addiction, hate, feelings of unworthiness…?

The longer you stare, the more anger, self-pity, fear, anxiety and self-loathing creeps in. You question everything. You begin to underestimate your capabilities, your talents, your strengths. Your energy is drained.

Low energy attracts more of the same. Negative thoughts overtake your mind. Fear, anger, guilt, hate, and shame consume you. You turn away from those who truly care for you or worse yet, you push them away.  In their place, you attract those who wear the same masks as you; two or more weakened souls continuing to spread negative energy which often manifests into negative words, behaviors and deeds.

The ego takes control and you become at war with yourself. You can no longer take accountability for your actions because the ego says you are never at fault. The ego attacks and places blame on others and you would rather be right at any cost rather than speak the truth and be at peace.

Many times, the ego rises to power due to some unresolved trauma of the past. When a memory of this event is triggered, instead of having learned to process in a healthy way, you enter “survival at any price” mode. You will do anything in your battle to gain victory including hurting those around you and eventually causing your own self-destruction.

What must occur is awareness or, in other words, your own personal rock bottom. It is only then that a power greater than your mind and ego can enter your life.  Once you experience this awareness, freedom from ego can be obtained.  It is our purpose–to bring positive presence to ourselves; present now, in this moment (not in the past, not in the future).

It’s time to remove and throw down those masks; shatter them on the cold hard ground.


Now is the time to be raw, accountable, gut-wrenchingly honest and vulnerable and it begins with the man in the mirror. When life is pressing you hardest, deal with the problem or issue rather than masking it with a smile, alcohol, food, or drugs. Your breakthrough is just around the bend. Take off the mask so you can see that the door is unlocked–all you need to do is to open it.

It’s time to hold yourself to a higher standard. Everyday, you have an opportunity to change your life story and to be the greatest version of yourself, the way you were created to be!


Once you have accepted awareness and accountability, you must commit wholeheartedly to change. You have make different and wiser choices. You must move forward as you no longer live in or because of your past. It is not good enough to dream or wish, you must take action.

One day, you will look back and realize you spent too much time carrying guilt and shame, feeding your ego and worrying about things that aren’t necessary and have no purpose (fear, anger, complacency, hate, etc.) and just how much of your life has been wasted in living this way.

I look forward to the day when we can all look in the mirror without a mask on and see nothing but peace, joy, compassion, action, faith, truth, light, happiness and love!  If we can each achieve that, imagine how beautiful the world would be!