I wish I liked to bake. Mind you, I don’t need the stuff in my house, but I do wish it was something I enjoyed doing especially at holiday time.

As a child, I remember what a production holiday baking would be. My grandma, aunts, my mom…the kitchens would be a whirlwind of activity, a cloud of flour, and smells–oh the smells!

From the good old standards,

to the classics,

and of course, shoutouts to the diverse ethnic favorites.

What a glorious festival of butter, sugar, chocolate, jams…all waiting to be consumed with a passion; an explosion of tastes that invoke so many wonderful memories of Christmases past.

My grandma’s fudge bar cookies, my aunt’s chocolate cake balls with icing, my mom’s kiffles, my friend John’s oatmeal cookies (and whatever new creations he dreams up this year): I have gained 5 pounds just thinking of them.

Of all of hundreds of choices, my most favorite of all….

Yes, the Pecan Tassie. Sadly, no one in my family makes them anymore and I must resort to bakery. Perhaps this is my sign that I should shift my “I dislike baking so I won’t do it” perspective and give it a whirl.

Hmmm, well, maybe next year! Until then, there is always a bakery near by.

Happy baking, happy memory creation! And p.s., if anyone makes my favorites, please hook a girlfriend up!