Real or Fake?

Christmas tree, that is!

I have had a handful of real trees in my 50 years, but I must say here is one area where I don’t mind fake.

You can put it up and leave it up for as long as you desire, you don’t need to water or care for it (other than to keep pets and toddlers away), it’s just simpler. I will gladly give up the pine smell (I can always purchase a real wreath or garland), to help make the holidays less stressful.

An argument can be made for going to pick out the tree together as a family, but you can still decorate together and develop other traditions. I often have two trees, “my tree” that is decorated with the ornaments of my choosing and in the way I desire, and then the kids can decorate the other how they want to. It’s a win win for all.

In the end, I most enjoy listening to music or sometimes just sitting in the quiet enjoying the glow of the lights.

So, real or fake and what are some of your traditions around the tree?