Friends = Blessings, Miracles & Memories

I have been gifted with some of the best friends on the planet. I am grateful to God each day for those He has brought into my life.

Whether I have known them for almost forty years or if they have just come into my life this year, they are genuinely special. Whether I met them in the neighborhood, at school, in college, work, through friends or even social media–each has touched me in a unique and wonderful ways.

I came across an article recently about platonic relationships between the opposite sex: I can assure you it’s real, possible, and amazingly healthy! My very Best Friend Forever has been in my life since 1979. We have been through births, deaths, joys, sorrows, marriages, divorces, silly crazy fun, and serious life stuff, moves (oh the moving lol), job changes or losses and the good and bad decisions we have each made. We don’t agree on everything, we don’t talk daily, but he is “my person”! Through thick and thin, ups and downs, we can always count on each other. He is a soul mate of the best kind; supportive but calls me on my bullshit, loving & caring but not afraid to tell me when I may not be thinking clearly. I am never afraid to tell him how important he is in my life and can’t imagine life with out him. Love you Al! Thank you for all you bring to our friendship and here is to 40 more years!

To the girls: Karen, Leah, Tanya, Debbie, Aimee–I love you all! Today, I am not sure I can find enough words to describe how grateful I am for each of you. So much laughter (if people heard some of our conversations…oh my!), so many tears of both joy and sorrow, so many life experiences. I know you each are key to my sanity and survival! Thank you for being the best friends a girl can have.

Deb, Nikki, Kris and the late John…I love you like family. You have impacted the life of my son so positively–I am forever grateful!

Pastor Brian Diebold…you are not only a spiritual leader, you are a friend that I treasure. Thank you for the beautiful and challenging ways you impact my faith journey. To all of my church family–I love you and all you bring to my life.

Carrie, Pat, Amy, Colleen, Rick, Becky, Janet, Karin, Johnny, David, Eric, Sheila, Beth, Larry, Pam, Lisa, Lisa, Dan, Dennis, Walt, Don, LeeAnn, Glenn, James, “G.T.”, Susan, Michael, Widgie, Keith…some of you I have known as clear back as first grade, some I have met this year. You make me laugh, we have shared hurts, joys, interesting and intimate conversations. You challenge my thinking. Most of all you bring joy and help me achieve my desire to never settle for mediocrity.

This post is not meant to exclude anyone. Everyone who has entered my life, no matter when, no matter how, whether you stayed five minutes or 50 years, I am so grateful for everyone. You have taught me invaluable life lessons and touched my heart in your own unique way.

My friends: I love you!  You are my Blessings, Miracles & Memories at Christmas and all year long!


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