The gifts of family…

Although they may drive us crazy, they frustrate us, anger, sadden and disappoint us at times, they are also a source of laughter, comfort, stability, safety and love. They are the greatest blessings.

Even in situations where the family situation is not ideal, lessons are being learned and those can turn into blessings.

If you are part of a loving, close family…hold them closer this year and cherish what you have.  If your family is experiencing fractured relationships, start today. Pick up the phone and call; reach out with a simple hello. Take steps to heal and repair.

God sent His Son to save us–to give us the gifts of mercy, forgiveness, grace and abundant love. If we have faith and believe in Him and we are striving to live as He would–then we must extend those same gifts to one another.

Let this holiday season be the one where we begin the healing process and get back to family. Let us truly see and learn about each other; let us help each other overcome pains, hurts, addictions, negative behaviors and bruised adult egos. We have lived with our family our whole lives and yet I bet, there is so much about each other we don’t know. Often, we don’t share because those closest to us, although they mean well, tend to squash our dreams and goals. Perhaps not intentional but more out of jealousy or fear. Let us support each other and truly understand what makes each other tick. Vow to be vulnerable with each other; that is how healing begins.

May the joy, peace and love of this holiday time warm your hearts and expand your soul. May we truly experience and feel the gifts given to us, the greatest being the love of God in the gift of his Son. May we spread that love to each other not only today but everyday! May today be the day miracles happen and the family bonds grow stronger!

Wishing all of you the warmest Christmas blessings filled with peace, hope and much love!