…no experience is without value.

Sometimes, we meet people and the chemistry is so palpable, so strong that we just click and in the process, each person is transformed.  These hearts and souls are meant for each other and it seems nothing will break that bond or that love that is created no matter how that relationship is defined (friends, lovers, spouses, etc.)

At other times, we meet people (and sometimes we are “those people”) who drag us through the depths of hell causing pain, heartache and misery. This hell can be lies, deception, addictions, abuse, drama, and so on.

Sometimes, it’s in the simple words of an innocent child or in the wisdom of an elderly person that we learn some of life’s greatest lessons.  We need to recognize these moments and celebrate them for the true blessings that they are.

On the flip side, we also learn from the deepest darknesses we experience.  It’s often through the trials of life that we learn how resilient we are; how beautiful we are.

We don’t even have to meet people to learn about hardship and struggle. We can often be our own worst enemies; causing our own self-harm due to the negative words we think about or speak out loud about ourselves and others.  It can also be our action or inaction that causes us pain, grief and unnecessary trials.

It takes a strong soul to endure life, to climb out from the pit of misery and into the light where nightmares become dreams. It where we focus on rebuilding and transforming ourselves anew.

No matter what the experience, no matter who is involved, all of it is supposed to happen. A life well lived is how we take all of the experiences no matter how good or bad, right or wrong, joyous or sad, work or pleasure, and use them to constantly evolve and reinvent ourselves into a better person than we were the day before.