Today, I officially leave a milestone year and enter into year 51 and I am truly “in my fifties”. Wow!

I remember as a youngster thinking how old certain teachers were or even my parents.  And forget someone who was fifty; they were downright ancient. I would be lucky if I made it to that age. Funny how we once saw things as so far off and unattainable.

That begs the question, “How do you see your life now and in the future?”

Do I physically feel 50?  Some days the knee hurts, menopause can suck (although I don’t have symptoms as difficult as some friends have), sleep cycles are disrupted, and yes, still need to take that weight off…but all in all I feel good!

How about mentally?  My patience wears thin more quickly, I get forgetful sometimes, but overall I believe that working full time, having children and volunteering helps to keep the mind young.

How is the emotional health?  I have done so much work in this area in the past six years, I am in a really good place. Do I feel it’s perfect–no, but I am good with that.  Perfectly imperfect; accountable for mistakes, accepting of my faults.

Spiritual health–that will be an ongoing journey until I make it home with my Creator. This path is full of twists and turns, highs and lows and many, many questions. The good news–I walk this path with wonderfully supportive and equally inquisitive brothers and sisters in Christ and my God loves me abundantly through every triumph and misstep!

You have a lot on your plate, how do you stay focused?  It’s not always easy, but if you know me personally or through this blog, I thrive on chaos (with some peace thrown in)! As much as I crave and enjoy quiet solitude, too much would drive me crazy.

Any time for fun and if so what do you enjoy most? Sure, you have to make the time! I can’t be as spontaneous as I would like to be, but that will come again in a few years. I love writing, creating centerpieces and wreaths, time with friends, playing piano, laughing with the family, volunteering, reading and working on cross stitch.  I firmly believe in “me time”. We all need to do things that make our hearts, minds and soul happy. It’s only when we are in a good place with ourselves that we can be good with and for each other!

Has anything surprised you over the past year?  Yes! How deep my son’s voice is, how quickly the year went, and meeting some amazing people via this blog. I have yet to meet them in person but we have had amazing, fun, diverse and stimulating conversations and idea exchanges on line and via phone. They are 21st century pen pals and I am so grateful they have come into my life. Also, Daniel will graduate from 8th grade and move on to high school, how has time moved so quickly?

What are you looking forward to in the coming year? My children’s opportunities, adventures and growth. My continued growth in all areas of life. Good health. To have one, somewhat spontaneous adventure. To meeting one or two of my new friends in person. Getting back to gym, spreading love, light and peace where and when I can, increasing the audience for my blog, and making deeper connections. To reject mediocrity and to live passionately.

What do you wish for those around you? Peace, laughter, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, financial stability, and to step out of their comfort zones and dare to live an inspired, bold, adventurous life!