Our lives will end someday; perhaps tomorrow, perhaps 50 years from now. We know this logically, so why do we live as though we have an infinite amount of time? Why do we procrastinate? Why do we put all our energy into things that don’t bring us joy?

Food–Yes, we should try to eat healthier and to exercise more, but at what cost? Before you jump up to disagree, I know that some must adhere to strict diets and routines to survive daily. For the most part, however, we should do things in moderation but not deny ourselves the dessert, or the steak or the carbs. Why shouldn’t we experience the amazing tastes that tantalize our tastebuds and warm our bellies and souls?  Life is too short, eat the pasta, order the dessert!

Why do we work 50-100 hours a week at a job that makes us crazy, miserable or depressed? Yes, we must pay our bills, but do we need the second home, the fancy car, all the latest gadgets? We should enjoy ourselves but remember that we can’t take any of those things with us. Our urns and cemetery plots are all pretty much the same size and there is not much room for luxury items!

Financial security is good, but it is not the most important thing. Remember how much fun it is to sit around the table with family and friends playing board games and laughing until we cry or to sit around a fire and sing really bad karaoke or just to hop in the car for a cheap but exciting road trip. Embrace the simpler things and recognize the vast rewards they bring.  (Note to self: Start that monthly dinner club!)

Why do we wallow in mistakes, bad decisions, and past life events that we have no control over? Why are we afraid to seek help either from family, friends or professionals? Because we have to then be accountable and face our faults and the hurts we have caused ourselves and others. And that is difficult to do. But guess what, and I can attest: living in guilt, shame, isolation, depression, is not living. Doing this simply speeds up our death. Seek the help–and not by drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, and lies as these are only masks. Getting help is a sign of strength not of weakness. We are only on this planet for a short time, why should live at odds with the universe or ourselves?

Why do we settle for mediocrity and lose our passion and dreams? Who told us that we can’t do something? Who told us that our dreams are a waste of time? Who told us that we aren’t good enough, that we won’t succeed? Worse than this, why do we listen? Never back down from our dreams and those things the light a fire in our soul. Reignite the dreams we had as children and young adults. Those parents, teachers, bosses do not control us. We are the authors of our stories, the navigator of our journeys. Stop letting others lead us down our paths; we are the leaders. We are grown adults, we are important, worthy and valuable. To think otherwise–well, we might as well just check out now then.

Why do we feel we shouldn’t take time for ourselves? Because others tell us that is selfish and that we need to be there for our kids, our families, etc. Wrong!  We can’t be the best person for others if we are emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually drained. We can’t pour from an empty cup. Take the weekend trip alone or with friends, enjoy the occasional night out, get the babysitter and whatever you do–do NOT feel guilty. When we are the best versions of ourselves, we can then be the best for others!

Why are we so afraid to connect with others? Because the media and fearful people have led us to believe that strangers or anyone not like us must be bad people. Yes there is crime, yes we must be diligent and cautious, but at the same time, we cannot isolate ourselves. There are many more good, kind, caring, compassionate people than there are bad. Take a risk. I challenge you to meet 5 new people this year. I have met new people through this blog and through friends and online and they are pretty amazing! Take a chance to get to know them and let them know us.  Feel the fear, do it anyway!

Stop procrastinating! Live wisely but live so that we won’t have many, if any regrets on our last day on Earth. Do not settle; have adventures, take the road trip, buy the shoes, order the dessert, forgive someone, quit hiding behind the walls built or the masks worn. Seek help. Seek laughter. Seek love.

Better yet: be the help, be the laughter, be the friend, be the light!  Who knows how many tomorrows we have.