Lady 1: This is my best year; I am at peace with all that is around me and when I am feeling “red”, I know how to balance…

Lady 2: That’s because YOUR voice is finally speaking louder than all of the others around you.

Ladies 3, 4 & 5: Hooray!

Stop! Read that again and again!  Let it sink in…

How do we know when we found our true selves: when our voices (hearts, souls, minds, ideas, passions, etc.) speak louder and more clearly than the cacophony that surrounds us trying to knock us down; drowning us, smothering us!

This group of ladies has been through a lot in the past seven years together. If you add up all of their years of poor choices, settling, mistakes, holding back, holding in, being taken for granted, abused…it would total well over eighty (yes 80) years of negative experiences.  But coming together–they are a dynamic new force!

There is power in the bond that is created when women choose to lift each other up instead of being in competition with one another. If you knew any of these women 7-10 years ago–you wouldn’t recognize them today. They are: Bold, confident, passion driven, faithful and spiritually guided, emotionally strong, standing their ground, commanding respect, compassionate to a fault, empathetic, light, positive energy, loving.

They are my friends and my soulmates. I love them and certainly let them know as often as I can. I hope you find yourself as blessed with a core group that wants only peace, light, happiness and love for the other.

So, here’s to the ladies that lunch

…a toast to that invincible bunch

Let’s hear it for the ladies who lunch–everybody rise! Rise! Rise!