Month: March 2017

The Power of the Sun

My grandmas and mom sang it to me and I sang it to my children. It remains one of my all time favorite tunes; simplistic in lyric and verse, powerful in the message and joy! Trying to find the right words for how the sunshine looks, feels, and heals: warm, glowing, yellow, golden, euphoric, peaceful, […]

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Dry Cleaners & Repair Shops: Testing Faith

My superhero cape is at the dry cleaner and my magic wand is in the repair shop–and I desperately need both. When there are people close to you who are struggling, and they have tried everything to remedy the situation but it isn’t happening fast enough or to their satisfaction, (or perhaps nothing seems to […]

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Springing Into Revelations: A Raw Look

  During this time of new and glorious rebirth and growth outside, it’s equally as beautiful when the same occurs in the heart and soul.  We all have scars; some we just don’t wear on our skin.  When they heal..look out world! One thing I have learned in all of life’s ups and downs is […]

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Today, I received an email from a woman who works for a company with whom I do business. I was going to dismiss it as I knew it was a solicitation to up-sell a product, but I am glad I kept reading.  Her job title is “Happiness Engineer”.  I want that title. But wait, aren’t […]

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Climbing Through the Muck & Mire

“Sometimes when you are making a difficult climb, the longer you hesitate to move, the more fatigued you get. That’s kind of a brilliant metaphor for life.”~~Melissa Arnot Reid If you take a moment and just let that sink in, I can bet it won’t take long for you to remember a time in your […]

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