WE are not  broken–remember that!  Things may temporarily shatter our spirit, injure our pride, deflate our ego, wound our heart or soul, but we do not break!

The saying is “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, but I will ask this from a different perspective–are we truly stronger? And if not, so what?

J. Raymond writes “…some things that didn’t kill me, came so close that they are still damaging. They didn’t make me better. Some things made me worse. And can’t that be ok too?  Can’t some things just break you? This whole f’ing world wants you to believe that admitting defeat makes you weak. For God’s sake, bleed. And bleed openly. There can be pride in vulnerability. Honesty is maturity. And really, it’s the things that didn’t kill me that made me.”

I say it all of the time: embrace our vulnerability, stand tall and own our  story, inspire others in our authenticity, share our faults and weaknesses so that we and others may learn.

The very things that pierce our bodies, hearts and souls, are the same things that open us up to allow the mercy, grace, light and love in. We are not broken, we are beautiful and wonderfully made!