We are in constant motion:  getting kids to school, ourselves to work, sports, clubs, volunteer work, meetings, church, traffic, housework, just trying to get by….you just want to yell sometimes “stop this crazy train, I want off!”

In between all of these things, we send out a quick email, a handful of texts, check in to one of our 3 or more social media accounts or perhaps leave a voicemail (almost hoping they don’t answer because you don’t really have time to chat). This is how we keep in touch. In touch yes, connected–no.

I am not saying we never take the time to talk with one another, I have had some great face to face conversations this past week, but it’s not enough to remain connected to humanity in ways that are needed. You can’t convey your true feelings in a text, tweets can get us in trouble (look at the current twitter wars, ugh), and social media permits anonymity allowing trolling and bullying and completely inappropriate behavior.

I challenge that we need to make the time each week to talk to family and friends. No phones or TV at dinner, talk about your day or week instead. If you can’t meet in person, at least pick up the phone and have a real conversation. Meet friends for dinner, leaving the phones behind and share stories and laughter.  Write someone a handwritten letter and send via snail mail. I guarantee, you will bring a smile to their face and heart.

Failure to have meaningful conversations drives wedges into relationships and leaves us as a world full of unopened love letters.  Let others know your feelings; the good, the bad and the ugly.  Work through the pains, joys, sorrows and happiness with each other. Build and improve upon connections with others.  I guarantee humanity will be better because each individual will be better.

Be an Open Love Letter to those around you!