Today, I received an email from a woman who works for a company with whom I do business. I was going to dismiss it as I knew it was a solicitation to up-sell a product, but I am glad I kept reading.  Her job title is “Happiness Engineer”.  I want that title.

But wait, aren’t we all engineers of our own happiness? I guess I am already halfway there. I pick up the phone to call my friend and share this information. There seems to be a case of “the funk” going around and I thought she might enjoy this.

Sure enough, the first thing we discuss is the cause and culture surrounding the latest “funk contributor”. By the end of the conversation, however, we are roaring in laughter and our new titles are “Happiness Engineer” & “Purveyor of Happiness”.

Never underestimate the healing powers of an amazing friendship and lots of laughter! It won’t eliminate the funk immediately, but if you get together often enough and laugh sincerely (and from the belly):  it brings joy which begets perspective shifts, leading to ideas, sparking a renewed sense of purpose resulting in happiness!

My thanks and gratitude to “my sister from another mister”, you are just what the doctor ordered today.  Love you and all those who bring joy and laughter to my life.  I hope you all find that today and everyday!