During this time of new and glorious rebirth and growth outside, it’s equally as beautiful when the same occurs in the heart and soul.  We all have scars; some we just don’t wear on our skin.  When they heal..look out world!

One thing I have learned in all of life’s ups and downs is that my heart is capable of holding both joy and sorrow and that my mind is strong enough to allow both peace and chaos to exist simultaneously. Suddenly it has become crystal clear…it’s not about wanting to be someone different, it’s about accepting everything about me and finally appreciating the beauty of my complexity!

Spring also turns our hearts and minds to thoughts of love (or so that saying goes).  Everyone desires to love and be loved. Loving ourselves first is critical. If we don’t nurture this love, we have very little to share with others. Have you ever really thought about loving?  Here are some thoughts that have crossed my mind lately:

Who do I want to love?

How do I want to love?

What do I need to learn to love this way?

Who do I need to become to be the kind of love I want be?

The struggle is on one hand, there is a strong argument to be made for the benefits of being single. I have been pretty happy living life this way.  So perhaps, this is good enough. On the other hand, if I choose to explore a relationship, I know what I want.  I know I want to be someone’s favorite hiding place, someone’s home. A place where they can know they can put every secret, every fear, every nervous prayer, every pain & sorrow, every joy…and know it is safe–that they are safe.  I know I want that place too.

It’s not a want of the perfect person or love, it’s a desire for the perfect love that is exactly right for the couple involved. It’s a love that overcomes obstacles because they want to hold on and fight together. A love that is impossible to live without. A love that is kind, compassionate, sensual, full of friendship and laughter, and free of egos; a love that is as fragile as it is fiery, tender as it is passionate.

So as spring blooms into a festival of amazing, magnificent colors, it’s time to be brave. It’s time to embrace unknowns & take a few risks and push forward into even greater happiness. It’s time to leap into the next phase of life and live without regret. It’s time to enjoy the gifts God and the universe provides because these moments only happen once. If I stumble or get lost along the way, it will be okay.  I have hope, faith and love that will lead me on an incredible journey. If the destination leads to the one with whom I am meant to be, I will be filled with gratitude. If the answer is I am to be on my own and sharing my love in other ways, I will also be thankful as either way–I am abundantly blessed.