My superhero cape is at the dry cleaner and my magic wand is in the repair shop–and I desperately need both.

When there are people close to you who are struggling, and they have tried everything to remedy the situation but it isn’t happening fast enough or to their satisfaction, (or perhaps nothing seems to be going right), have you ever wished you had superhero powers or at least a magic wand (and glitter) that could help? We listen, we pray with them and for them, and I know they are grateful, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. And I don’t want to be okay with that.  Why should I be okay with that?

These are the times that my faith is tested. Maybe it’s that way for you too. In my head, I hear the voices of everyone saying to have hope and faith, to turn it over to God but wow, that can be so difficult. We have no control and we don’t like that. Every time we think progress is made, another roadblock appears. So we try to think about the things we were taught: everything happens for a reason (I can’t buy that all of the time), things will work out in God’s time not our time (but what hell must be endured first and damn it’s just not fair), continue to pray (but it doesn’t seem to be working)…

I will try quieting my mind more often; maybe I am not listening hard enough. I can’t hear the voice of wisdom that’s traveling on a breeze amidst the cacophony of the spring winds. I can feel the pull to do more but I don’t know what that is. Today, I am all out of fresh perspective and could use some prayers.

The dry cleaner is closed and the repair shop has gone out of business.