… not where I am headed and it’s okay. Actually, it’s better than okay–it’s pretty phenomenal!

…I am suspended in mid-air, mid-flight with wings forced to expand, to take flight.

…I fly to destinations unknown; the journey a mix of trepidation and exhilaration!

…I wasn’t born to belong to anyone; only to share equally with those who dare to meet me there.

…I am no longer interested in rousing the masses from their slumber; they have clearly stated they are not interested.

…I am here to connect like minds and soar with those who want to learn, expand and rise with me!

…I do not want to step back in safety; I want to leap into growth!

…I am a perfect mix of intense and deep; silly and fun-loving, romantic and sensual; sexy and intriguing, prayerful and insightful; compassionate and inquisitive

…My soul embraces likemindedness and those with differing views: they all have the possibility of being a soul mate!

…I am not a back-up plan, not an option. I am not someone’s second best.

…I am on a magnificent journey; the miracle being that while I may be uncertain of the destination, all I have to do is spread my wings and let the winds carry me!