Month: May 2017

Woman #2 Wise Words

Dear Strong Woman: You aren’t intimidating, they are intimidated. There’s a difference! Someone shared this with me today and I believe it’s some of the best wisdom I have ever heard! You can apply this to dating, family, and friendships; simply change the pronouns. Those who truly care about you will never hold you back. […]

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Woman #1

“learn me slowly please, be patient with my pages” ~ pavana   beautiful in vulnerability assertive yet humble eyes sparkle with joy, mystery and passion weird, nerdy, geeky, quirky laugh with others, laugh at ourselves giver of love even when feeling empty beautiful beyond the surface light shines from within graceful, filled with grace fierce […]

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When Our Mistakes Help Others to Grow!

One of the greatest gifts we receive when we own our stories–triumphs and tears, joys and pains, truths and lies, good decisions and bad–is the ability to teach, inspire and help others to grow just as we do. ¬†When, in spite of our fear, we choose to stand tall, naked, vulnerable and raw and live […]

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If You Want to Honor Me, Please Leave Me Alone

Yes, Mother’s Day is Sunday. It’s a time when many desire to celebrate with their children; celebrations of being their mom or a mom figure or to honor our moms/those mother figures in our lives. I am not one of them.¬†Please hear me out. The gifts I can and do give to all women: I […]

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For Those Who Remain

“Release the need to know why that thing happened. Because you know what? It doesn’t matter. What matters is reclaiming the fire it will take to rebuild your energy again. And what matters is rediscovering the ridiculous amount of beauty right here, and right now straight into the pulsing, tangible, gloriously sweet center of this […]

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