While it’s true that the world is full of violence, ignorance, hatred, racism, intolerance, disrespect, deception, anger, hopelessness, faithlessness, addiction, greed, jealousy, and so on; there is LIGHT and the LIGHT doesn’t need to accept or settle for this ugliness.

We, meaning each and everyone of us, are the LIGHT this world needs. Don’t just read about James Connor, Miep Gies, Oskar Schindler, Louis Zamperini, Joey Prusak, teachers, firefighters, police officers, medical personnel, Brandon Stanton, Shirl Regan, missionaries, clergy, your ordinary neighbor–all who have done good in this world by the way they live and move in this world–be like one of them!

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going…”

Stop using the excuse that one person can’t change the world.  If each of us committed to doing and saying at least one good thing each day, committed to helping just one person or one cause–then as the loving, caring people we where created to be–our LIGHT can never be dimmed and we can change the course of the world.

It’s easy to sit on the couch and type our frustrations with society, governments, sports figures, celebrities and religion, and of course, that doesn’t change anything. It’s time to take that energy and frustration and turn it to good by actually taking action. Talk is cheap and it causes the light to dim. Actions speak louder than words. Be the LIGHT, Be the CHANGE you wish to see in this world.