Yes, Mother’s Day is Sunday. It’s a time when many desire to celebrate with their children; celebrations of being their mom or a mom figure or to honor our moms/those mother figures in our lives.

I am not one of them. Please hear me out.

The gifts I can and do give to all women:

I pray that all moms, no matter how young or old, frazzled, sleep deprived, forgot lunch money again, carpool schedule overloaded, etc. they are, create wonderful memories with their children.

I pray daily for those single moms (and even those married) who have little support but do all they can to help their children be kind, compassionate, loving, successful people.

I pray daily for moms (and children) suffering the effects of neglect, abuse, addiction, and poverty. I pray harder if the mom is the one doing these things.

I pray for moms who are watching their children battle horrific diseases.

I pray daily for those who desire children and are struggling to conceive.

I pray daily for those moms who have lost children before birth or at any time along the way. No mom should have to bury her child.

I pray for those women who do not want to have children and suffer from the endless barrage of questions as to why not.

I prayer for the children whose moms are no longer living.  I pray for those children whose moms are here, but the relationship is fragile.

The only gift I ask for in return:

A little prayer and to leave me be on this one day of the year!

You can certainly wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I will be appreciative, truly. I don’t need or want cards or gifts. Like my thoughts about Valentine’s Day, I don’t desire those material things.

I am grateful everyday and thank God who chose me to be the mom of two wonderful children and I count them as my greatest blessings. I am honored that some of my children’s friends feel comfortable enough to talk with me about the good and bad in their lives. I am humbled that anyone sought me out if they needed some advice.

In order to be the best mom, the best woman, the best coworker, the best friend that I can be, I need time to be me.  Alone, quiet, reflective, relaxed, well rested, well read, in prayer or meditation, to walk or shop where and when I want, to do something just for me. To not hear nagging, whining or fighting. To experience peace and tranquility. This simple request for 24 hours for me out of 8,760 in a year is not asking for much. These 24 hours are vital to living well and most every other day is about them!

We ask our family and friends what gifts they would like for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays and most often we honor those requests.  So, why is this gift request so often met with curiosity, offense, or negativity–why is it so hard to give? There is nothing selfish about my request. It’s no different than if I asked for perfume, a candle or a dinner and yet, the request is sometimes ridiculed or ignored.

It is Mother’s Day–all about the mom–after all and if it’s what this mom, or any others desire, please choose to honor me by leaving me alone!

Love and peace!