Learning to be naked, raw and vulnerable in front of friends, family, your counselor, your pastor, your God is so far out of the comfort zone for so many. It is, however, one of the most courageous, beautiful and powerful things each of us can do.  I (as can a few of my very closet friends) attest to the healing and growth that comes when we learn to stop living behind the masks and rather choose to live openly authentic lives.

Oh we love to wear the masks because it’s often the easiest thing to do. I urge you to strip down now and then, be naked and to bare your soul. Those meant to hear your story will stand by you, support you, walk the journey with you and most of all, will always love you! Once you stand in your nakedness, feeling the freedom, you will realize just how heavy and burdensome those masks truly were.

Profound words aching to be shared!

“Have you ever been naked?’, she asked while facing the ceiling. ‘I’m naked right now.’, he said with amusement in his voice. ‘I don’t mean this kind of nakedness. I mean, have you ever stripped down in front of someone emotionally?  Have you ever felt like regardless of how thick your sweater was, how thick your jacket was, you were still barely dressed in someone’s presence?  Have you ever had the feeling that someone could look through your clothes straight into your soul? Because they have seen your most vulnerable part? They’ve seen you breaking down and crying tears you didn’t know existed? How you begged for forgiveness for what only God knows?  Have you ever lost your composure, your mask in front of someone?’  ‘I don’t know.  Maybe once’, he said while looking at her in confusion.

‘I have countless times. And the sad thing is, I love to wear something.  I love to cover myself behind masks and fake smiles.  It gives me the feeling of safety.  But you know, once you have stripped down, you can’t just put your clothes on again. You can’t just put your clothes on and pretend you were never naked.  Because now, they know too much about you.’

‘But don’t we want to lose our masks? Isn’t this one of the reasons why we love? Because knowing that someone will catch us regardless of our burdens?’  ‘Maybe’, she said with a weak smile.  ‘But I love control. I love to have control over myself and whenever I strip down, I’m losing it, I’m giving it into someone else’s hands.  And I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want them to have me naked desiring their love and affection.’

‘And what do you do when this happens to you?’  She turned her head to face him.  ‘I leave.  I leave the ones that saw me naked.’  ‘And how many have you left already?’  ‘I don’t know.  I don’t count.  Sometimes when I close my eyes, I see their faces but they’re gone the second I open them again.’

‘Will I also be a face you just blink away?’ He whispered while pulling her against his chest as if he could prevent her of leaving him by doing so. ‘No.’, she said while kissing his cheek. ‘Why?’, he said, barely audible.  ‘Because I told you this; and I have told no one this before.’

Courage over fear:  Get Naked!