One of the main reasons we avoid change is because we focus on what we have to give up instead of what we have to gain.  There we go again, spending too much time in our own heads–often the worse place we can hang out.

Change insists that we leave our comfort zone which can make us antsy or down right terrified.  I am going to suggest a perspective shift and embrace the change and uncertainty. Some of the most exciting moments take us completely by surprise. Being willing to accept and make changes in our thoughts and behaviors has the potential to bring some of the best gifts to our lives.

We don’t have to know where we are going, we just have to take the first steps. We also can’t stay stagnate and settle for our own mediocrity. Growth doesn’t happen; our minds and knowledge level can’t expand, our hearts and souls can’t open, and we settle for the same old same old.

Why would we choose to just settle? Why do we avoid dealing with the stuff that burdens us and weighs us down and make us miserable? From experience let me tell you:  don’t let the idea of change scare you as much as the prospect of remaining unhappy.

Find your fire and embrace change. Because the bottom line is, in the end, we can’t hide from ourselves forever. This says it all!