While satisfying my daily Pinterest need, I came across this meme:

At first, I laughed out loud because, well, it is “Joey Tribbiani” and his facial and vocal expressions were priceless.  Then, reality hits and wow, this is correct and a little mind-blowing!

Of course, I could give you some facts and other interesting tidbits of information, which might be of interest to some, but instead I will leave you with this perspective shift–

The next time someone tells you that you look wonderful, pretty, handsome; that you are beautiful, BELIEVE THEM!  Say thank you and don’t try to stumble or become embarrassed or run to find the mask in which you find so much comfort.

Accept that they may see something pleasant in your physical features, but also accept that it runs deeper: the happiness and delight you convey in your smile, the raw vulnerability, pain, suffering, hurt or grief that you shed in your tears; your core, your soul, your personality, your heart reflected in your eyes. These are the things that make you beautiful!

And when someone else notices the real, authentic beautiful you, don’t you dare hide behind any mask or think about the reflection that you see looking back at you–the one you think is too fat, too skinny, too sleepy, too pale, too pained…BELIEVE the person who sees the beautiful, wonderfully made person that you are!