If you are in Pittsburgh and need something to do, are feeling down, sad or confused…I implore you to make the short trek to Arch Street on the Northside and pay a visit to Randyland! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get here; don’t wait as long as I did!

Wonderlust is my current state:

“There is a desire not just to see and do more, but also to be more.”  We’ve all done it: Wistfully screen gazing, lusting after wondrous travel experiences, considering pilgrimages to faraway lands and daydreaming about outer space. Real or virtual, our fascination with the boundless beauty and unpredictability of nature’s mysteries endures.  And it is having a tangible effect on the imagery around us.  We call this “Wonderlust” – with an ‘o’ for emphasis. It’s one of the key trends Getty Images visual anthropologists predicted based on their qualitative and quantitative research, and it describes a kind of photography that goes beyond the typical images associated with travel.

Wonderlust not only captures this thirst for journey in our lives, but also our re-enchantment with space, nature and spirituality.” ~Jacqueline Bourke

There is no need to travel far. Upon arrival, you are bombarded with an explosion of color and you will be awestruck, if not a little bewildered. It is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Your ears will notice the classical music, the laughter, the giggles of children and grownups squealing with delight as they find the eclectic and sometimes confusing sites in every corner.

If you are lucky, you will meet Randy himself. His smile, his laughter, his engagement with each person, his happiness and pure love and passion for art, creativity, life and love is infectious!

You can’t help but want to play in the sand, take a bazillion photos, and be silly for a few moments. Of course it is Randy’s rule that you must play or be banned! My creative spark has been renewed and I can’t wait to see my next floral arrangement, my ideas for future blog posts and a few other secret things in the works become reality!

Art is in the eye of the beholder it’s true but I can guarantee you will walk away with at least three things you will love about the place. I challenge you to:

1. Make a visit

2. Let yourself get lost and be a kid again

3. Forget your worries

4. Be happy

5. Be light

6. Be love

7. Pass it on

8. Shift your perspective from simply settling for a boring, mundane, routine, just going through the motions kind of life and live like Randy!  Be Happy!