Month: September 2017

My Love of Autumn

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~Albert Camus Fall celebrates Mother Nature by providing the grandest of all firework finales: glorious golds, fiery oranges, glittering yellows, burnished reds, and dots of purple all accompanied by a symphony of locusts, crunching leaves, seasonal winds and migrating birds—a perfectly choreographed whirling dervish […]

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Messages for the young people

Love Lessons 3: Messages for the Young People

We all must have experiences in order to learn and grow. It’s not always enough to read a book, or listen to family and friends preach–you simply have to figure some things out for yourself.  Sometimes those lessons are easy, but often they can be hurtful, embarrassing, upsetting, and/or humiliating. A message for the young […]

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Love Lessons 2: Teen Wisdom

Love!  I wrote on the blog’s companion Facebook page that my son and I have some of our best conversations in the car. Sometimes they are silly, sometimes they are short and sweet but productive.  And, if I am really lucky, like the other day, we start one and he wants to keep it going. […]

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Love Lessons 1: Things I Wish I Knew Then

You know what’s the one wrong thing we all do when we fall in love? WE EXPECT. And it just ruins everything. Oh if only I had learned this in my teen years. As much as we may want to change the past, we know that’s impossible. So perhaps, I can use this forum as […]

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