“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~Albert Camus

Fall celebrates Mother Nature by providing the grandest of all firework finales: glorious golds, fiery oranges, glittering yellows, burnished reds, and dots of purple all accompanied by a symphony of locusts, crunching leaves, seasonal winds and migrating birds—a perfectly choreographed whirling dervish of visual and auditory delight!

While autumn means sweaters and apples, fires and cocoa, pumpkins and cornstalks, for me, it’s more about releasing the old to make way for the new.  Any great change is proceeded by chaos and requires us all to experience a little death.  But we should not mourn for long; releasing our hurts, troubles, pain and darkness into the air so that the chilled breezes can carry them away is just what we need.

Autumn shows us how simply beautiful it is to let things go.  We can begin to take inventory of the adversities we have endured and be thankful for the strength we have uncovered and the wisdom we have gleaned.  We count our blessings even more as the holidays begin and when we finally hunker down into the seemingly endless days of winter, we plan.

Now is the time to reflect, to write, to reach out to long-lost friends, to make amends, to take those lessons learned and cultivate the seeds of knowledge.  Then, as the heat and sunlight slowly creep back in to warm our weary bones, we are ready to be planted—ready to bloom as new and more vibrant versions of ourselves.

So, take joy in the falling leaves and allow autumn to awaken each of our senses and our souls as we prepare to let go.  Transformation is coming and hope is in the air!