Month: October 2017

Surviving Scary!

Who knew that It would be the year that I needed to adopt survival mode.  It was the summer of 1986. For all intents and purposes, it was a great year so far. I had traveled to France in January to study and be immersed in the culture of the country. It was an amazing […]

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Maze or Labyrinth

There is complete and utter wonderment when we embrace the unknown. When we do so with love, despite our uncertainty, we can experience joys unlike any others we have ever known.  I came across a portion of a sermon delivered by my pastor a few years ago when we were asked, “In life, are you […]

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Your Best

If You Could Tell Your Younger Self Anything

Or, maybe, you need to convince yourself of these things now… Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of trusting your heart (take your head with you too) You will feel more at peace when spending more time in nature Stop trying to plan everything—be more spontaneous No one else knows what they’re doing either; […]

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Lessons Learned In The Company of Nonagenarians!

This past weekend, I had the tremendous privilege to be in the company of not one, but three lovely women in their 90’s.  Not one of them stood more than 5 feet tall, and if one of them weighed more than 95 pounds, I would be shocked.  But never let size fool you—these are 3 of […]

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I am obsessed with the sky:  cloud formations, sunbeams, sunrises and sets; the gloomy darkness to the brilliant colors you don’t find in the Crayon box. You know, the ones that can only have come through the powers of One greater than I. Amidst all the chaos of this world, today I want my photos […]

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