There is complete and utter wonderment when we embrace the unknown. When we do so with love, despite our uncertainty, we can experience joys unlike any others we have ever known.  I came across a portion of a sermon delivered by my pastor a few years ago when we were asked, “In life, are you walking a maze or a labyrinth?”

I knew at the time that I wanted to find a labyrinth to walk but, as usual, the chaos of life took over and I never did seek one out to experience.

Of course, I knew he was speaking metaphorically, but it won’t hurt to physically experience the walk. Aren’t we all, at times, feeling like a hamster running in a wheel or walking in a maze and just can’t seem to find our way out; growing more and more frustrated at every turn?

Now that I have been reminded of the labyrinth, and with the upcoming holiday “frazzles” as well as everyday life stresses, I need to incorporate a virtual labyrinth into my everyday life.

Here is my plan and I invite you to try it as well. Each morning (and anytime needed throughout the day) when I awake, I will begin with prayers and then a virtual walk. As I take the first step, and then the next and the next, I don’t look back, I have no fear. I also know not to look ahead, but to walk in the moment. It’s in the present that resistance, doubts, and stresses begin to loosen their grip.

With each step in our virtual walk, the pattern of the labyrinth guides us to the center, to our center, and back out again. With each step, stay present and trust the process. With each step, walk closer to peace, healing and love.  The labyrinth represents our journey to our own core and then back out in to the world.

This literal and metaphorical representation reminds us of our own spiral of life, why we were created, how we journey to our purpose, and how to get back to our true, authentic self; back to our spiritual selves, where we learn, grow and heal.

We can use the labyrinth as a meditation and/or prayer walk—to work out internal or external conflicts, to seek and find God’s direction or purpose for us, or simply to quiet the clutter and chaos in our brains.

When entering, pause, take a deep breath and slowly exhale your concerns. Continue to walk slowly (or trace the Finger Labyrinth below) and follow the path to the center. At the center, we stop to pray. When ready, follow the same path out and listen for the answers for which you are seeking.  Don’t go too quickly as you may lose your focus and balance. It may be best to walk in silence so that you can truly listen for the answers in the whisper of the breeze or deep within your soul.

Walk in love, be still, then go in peace. Be gentle. Fill yourself up with love. Give love. Surround yourself with people who are givers of love.

The point of a maze is to find its center. The purpose of a labyrinth is to find our centers.”Labyrinths offer the opportunity to walk in meditation to that place within us where the rational merges with the intuitive and the spiritual is reborn.”

Which will you choose in your life—to walk in a maze or in a labyrinth?  I have made my choice!