Once upon a time, 20-25 years ago, I recall getting ready to go out and it was 9 pm.  We knew the clubs would be fun, loud and crazy and that we wouldn’t be back home until 3 am.

Fast forward to present time. While heading out to dinner or a show is still fun now and then, there really is nothing like sitting around at someone’s home enjoying a good meal, or just snacks and wine.  The evenings where you sit and have true connections through a veritable feast of conversations from intense to absurdly silly.

Last night was such a night.  We even made it a pajama party.  It’s wonderfully freeing to just sit around in your most casual attire; no one caring what each other looks like, not trying to impress anyone.  Laughter, good friends, wine, conversation = a few hours of stress relief!

It’s times like these that make me appreciate the closeness of a few good friends, implementing monthly dinner club, and not being afraid to go out in soft, cozy pajamas!  The soul is refreshed!