“A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.”~Muhammad Ali

Today I make a pledge: As I grow older, I never want to become a bitter, cranky, unhappy, close-minded “get off my lawn” kind of person (I do draw the line at the current rap music of today—turn it off!). If you ever see me behaving differently, I give you permission to call me on my bs!

Certainly there are moments that require grief, sadness, and anger; everyone fights a battle (or 20) over time, but to let those emotions consume your life and then take it out on others is not living; it’s a miserable existence and one in which I refuse to take part.

I vow to live with an open mind, to listen to others, to not stress or yell about everything. I vow to be supportive and encouraging and using tough love when needed, but not demeaning, not demanding and not controlling.

I promise to try my best to not judge, or be overly critical especially because I am nowhere near perfect and have plenty of things to concentrate on in my life. I will work to mind my business when possible; to stand up and fight with or for a person when necessary.

I will try to not keep rehashing anyone’s faults or their pasts, but to remind them that each day is new— we don’t live in the past any longer and I should never lay a guilt trip on them.

I will not manifest my fears of unknowns on to others. I am accountable for educating myself and then having a meaningful dialogue—not a “I am always right, you get off my lawn” conversation.

I promise to try my best to live in light, faith, grace and love; and when I falter at these, I won’t live in shame, but will get up, dust off and begin again.

I promise to not become old and bitter, to live by the same old boring & routine playbook, but rather, alive in constant desire to learn new things, new ideas, fresh perspectives!