It’s been said that there is an invisible thread connecting those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance.  This thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

I am not certain how much stock I put in fate or destiny but I do believe that souls are connected.  Don’t ask me to explain how or why, but I am almost certain you have experienced that feeling—you know when you are so comfortable in conversation with someone, like you have known them all of your life. You think similarly and yet, where and when you disagree, you can have a thoughtful, insightful, respectful discussion with the same ease as sharing a great joke or a fun evening out.

Years ago, (and just recently again) I was introduced to the book Embraced by The Light by Betty J. Eadie.  Actually, it was my grandfather who shared it with me after he had his first heart attack.  I am not certain if he had a “near death” experience or not, but I do know that he certainly had become a changed man (more emotional, more lovingly demonstrative) after that occurred.  Anyway, without giving away many details of the book in case you want to read it, Ms. Eadie speaks of our souls being in existence forever and that we are born into our physical bodies when the time is determined.  So of course, whether you believe the soul is part of the vast universe or is hanging out in heaven until God says “It’s time”, you get the idea that our souls may have been connected for eternity with the hope that some day in our earthly life, we get to experience meeting again.

Fast forward to the chaos of this century.  Although technology and social media certainly have pitfalls and have created a sense of isolation because we don’t have real conversations any longer, I am going to challenge that thinking just a bit.

It’s because of this blog and other social media sites, that I have met some wonderful people.  I know for a fact, that with a few of them, I have made connections that won’t be severed  even if we never meet in person (although secretly, I truly hope we get to meet…we have a lot of coffee, cocktails, fun and conversations to have that don’t involve typing!)

There is the person in law enforcement who recently retired and has moved to the dream location.  I learned of fears, desires, frustrations with the system, the dangers/injuries that are part of the call.  I learned of new music and films with which I was unfamiliar until then.  My eyes and ears and creatively passionate soul was opened; a connection made.

There is the 30ish adult in the Midwest working and seeking—a partner, a family perhaps.  I have learned of family dysfunction, and how it was overcome, of current health struggles of a loved one, of being surrounded by friends but the feeling of loneliness that can be ever-present. We discuss food, fun and can also just be silly.  My heartfelt, silly side, friendship always soul was opened; a connection made.

There is the 60ish adult struggling with life’s purpose, a crazy economy, fears of failing, the anguish of suffering from depression and anxiety; of wanting to be alive a long time but scared and wondering if it would be better if not. My brain struggles to grasp the cacophony and contradictions with which this person is embattled.  My friendship driven, supportive soul is opened; a connection made.

There is the 40ish adult who works in a seemingly glamorous position, but one I have learned I don’t really envy (well, there is that one part where there is fun to be had while on the job that I think would be a blast).  This person has seen things in life, thanks to a former job position, that many of us never want to experience; things you cannot shake.  This person also has a strong commitment to the personal spiritual and faith journey. Because of these experiences and upbringing—family is everything.  The dedication and devotion is palpable, heartwarming and uplifting! Our conversations truly cover A-Z.  This person doesn’t share everything with me nor do I in return, but now and then, we make certain we share things that are important to each of us knowing we have the support of the other, or just because we know that each of us just “gets it, gets each other”.  If we lived in the same town, I have no doubt our families would be close.  My fun, adventurous, faith filled soul is open; a connection made.

The 40ish adult from across the pond—silly, quirky, compassionate, proud family person.  The adults in this family have experienced things throughout their lives that most never will and I pray that none of us do.  These experiences have impacted the way they live and breathe but they won’t let them define who they are.  Again, my heart and soul opened; a connection made.

The 30 something adult who had a rough childhood and made some not so great decisions that cost some freedoms.  The progress made, the confidence returning, the new life built, what a success story! Now, you just need to see it that way friend.  You challenge my thinking, sometimes way out of my comfort zone, but in such a good way.  My always learning, not judgemental soul opened; a connection made.

The 40ish, beautiful soul from the west. Overcoming obstacles both real and imagined (you know the ones we manufacture ourselves and let manifest into something unnecessarily ugly).  The one with the crazy but oh so loving family, the one with a tender, passion filled heart of gold. The one so easily lovable.  The one that just gets you and you get them.   My grateful, love filled soul is opened; a true connection made.  I have been so blessed to meet this lovely soul and many of the wonderfully dynamic family members—they are keepers forever!

I could go on (maybe I will write a chapter 2) but these are the ones who have touched me the most.  It proves to me that social media isn’t all bad and it has afforded me the connections my soul has sought after.  I am grateful and blessed for each of you and what you have taught me and for what you bring to my life. I thank you for the support and friendship you give me, for challenging my thinking, my writing, my perspective.  I love you each in a unique way.  ❤

Don’t be afraid to seek out your soul connections, even if they are seemingly unconventional. I guarantee your soul will be happier and more love-filled because you took the leap!