Believe it or not, this post is actually about resolutions. I have decided that it’s the year of No!  So I resolve to:

  1.  Not stress over the weight I should lose. I am going back to the gym and will make healthier choices but not going to put any number behind it.

2.  Not say yes to everyone asking for help. There is only so much one person can do. I will better prioritize my time and talents.

3. Not feel guilty about number 2.

4.  Not to stress over my teen wearing white socks some days with his school dress clothes. He will learn or he won’t care and good for him either way.

5.  Not let my head and life be clouded by the negativity or closed-mindedness of others.

6.  Not say no as often as I do today to invites from friends. Of course time with my child is important, but so is my mental and emotional health.

7.  Not feel guilty about number 6 no matter how hard others try to crush my soul.

8.  Not going to worry about carbs so much that all of the fun foods go away.  In fact, I vow to eat more of my favorite comfort food from when I was a child: steaming hot mashed potatoes topped with a scoop of ice-cold grated carrots.  Don’t knock it till you have tried it!

Bring on 2018 and live life to its fullest!