How many of us have made New Year resolutions only to have them quickly fall by the wayside? Then, I bet, you decide not to make resolutions but if you’re like me, that feels empty and unfulfilling.

My dear friend mentioned her perspective shift on resolutions for the year and it’s a very healthy approach:  getting healthy and losing weight simply because you want to feel like your best self.  No numbers attached. Get more sleep as it helps our weight management and overall mental and physical health, etc.

This is a great approach—sort of the year of the “un-resolution”.  I have decided to call 2018 the “Quirkiest, Weirdest, Most Creative, Most Giving, Most Loving Year Ever”!  Whew, that needs an acronym!

Taking the notion of feeling the fear and doing it anyway mentality and always looking at things with new and fresh perspective, here are some of my plans:

1. Make enough arrangements and other crafts to attend 2 big craft/vendor fairs.

2. Start going live on FB to promote blog and to have more interactive discussions on relevant life topics.

3.  Take at least one photo a month in a quirky location where I have never been before.

4. Try new foods/restaurants and fully implement dinner club.

5. Spend more time writing, meditating & reading.

6.  Start a group of strong women/men who will work to help young people recognize signs of narcissistic, manipulative and abusive behaviors in others and provide ways to remain safe and enter healthy relationships.  I am looking for people who want to work with me. Message me if interested!

7. Promote light, love, emotional health and peace.

There are more, but it’s best not to share everything just yet!

I am interested in hearing some of your goals and plans for this year! We can all grow by learning and working together!

May you have a blessed, peace & Love-filled New Year!