Could it actually be possible?  What if we could spend one day a week living in natural time — actually avoiding the clocks and doing things when they feel right?  I say it is if we want it to be!

Even when we finally get to sleep, I am not certain we ever fully relax or turn off the chaos of the day.  We are up early and if we are lucky, maybe there are a few minutes to enjoy some coffee or tea and some quiet. Sadly, rather than pray, meditate or just clear our minds, we are already making to do lists for the day and week.  Then we get ourselves ready and maybe a few children out the door and buckle down for our commutes.  Can you feel the stress building just reading this?

We muddle through our work day, battle a similar if not worse commute on way home all while thinking about dinner and the meetings, sporting events and paying the bills, doing the laundry, cleaning, packing lunches…only to eventually collapse and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. Whew!

How did we let life get this way?  Cutthroat competition, whether at work or to be the perfect parent, the almighty dollar, doing something every minute of the day otherwise we are deemed lazy, just struggling to survive.

Every now and then, we may get to sneak in a weekend away or a vacation but still we may stress about the cost, and how much work will be waiting for us upon our return.

Sigh…this is not living.

So, here is your challenge:  for the next four weeks choose a day during each week and live in natural time.  Do not schedule appointments, do not follow the clocks and let things happen as they happen.  If you end up doing laundry at 3:30 pm and eating breakfast food for dinner at 8:00 pm that’s awesome.  If you want to go to gym at 4:00 am or instead decide not to go and sleep in an extra hour or three—go for it!  Pour a cup of coffee and sit in silence at 2:00 pm. Watch an old comedy and belly laugh at 9:00 am.  Enjoy a day of moving at your pace, doing what you want.  I understand this may need to be modified if you have young children needing your care.  But try to make arrangements for someone to assist you so that you can do this for at least 2-3 hours.

We can’t pour from an empty cup.  If we don’t stop and care for ourselves, we can’t be effective for others.  There is no guilt and shame in caring for ourselves. If you have people in your life making you feel guilty, it’s time to move away from their negativity.

The one thing we can’t do is say that we don’t have time. Of course we do:  we must make the time as our mental, emotional and physical health are depending upon it!

At the end of our lives, are we going to regret living a regimented, routine, chaotic life or are we going to be grateful that we took time for ourselves to experience the small simple pleasures; times where we lived in peace and harmony between ourselves and our Creator, between our souls and the universe, as our authentic selves?  As always, I encourage you to choose wisely.

If you are up for taking the challenge, I and my readers would love to hear about your days of living in natural time.  I am sure when we first begin, it will feel most unnatural but over a few weeks, we should be looking forward to this day and celebrate.  The year 2018 is full of possibilities:  let’s start living the life we have always imagined!






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  1. I would love to try this out (not logistically possible suprise suprise), but I imagine that for many of us it would take us a few goes in order to embrace living in natural time for a day.

    • I agree completely. Much of this post was written for my idea of a perfect world (a little fantasy/ mind vacation is good). I managed one Saturday of only doing two absolutely necessary things that took about 3 hours. The rest of day was spent relaxing, reading & binge watching a show. It was rejuvenating! Perhaps someday, it will get easier to do.

  2. you touched the point! be more conscious of yout everyday choices. Time is priceless.

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