Here we are, more than half way through January and I have seen more posts and articles than ever before on behaviors and emotional intelligence.  We could place blame on the current crop of politicians, on the media, or other sources, but whether we like it or not; the accountability lies within each of us. Over the next few weeks, I am going to write on several different key emotions and how, with even the slightest perspective shifts, we can embrace and handle our own emotions as well as how we handle our responses to the emotions of others.

  • passion
  • anger
  • envy
  • sadness
  • empathy
  • grief
  • frustration
  • lost and confused
  • peaceful and contented

If there is any other emotion you wish to discuss, please comment or send an email.  Insight, inspiration, and wisdom can be gained when we can all share our stories and thoughts.  Remember, it’s in our vulnerabilities that we can grow the most!