Month: February 2018

Making Lists: This is Me

stories family impressionism faith   real conversation sunrises yellow     autumn Paris genuine people Sunday mornings coffee music fantasies intimacy random messages smell of white grapes laughter sunsets wine multiple perspectives desert mountains red vulnerability 3:00 a.m. cuddles whiskey rain on the roof beaches dinner club crafting writing kissing open minds deep friendships cheesecake […]

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A Simple Hello

Most of us just want to be seen and to be heard from time to time.  Don’t make people feel invisible.  A simple hello with a smile can truly make someone’s day.  You don’t know how much of a significant impact these seemingly small tasks may have on someone today.  It takes 2 seconds for […]

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Endless Rain

The rain splattering against my window, normally soothing and sleep inducing, is now a cacophony; a keep me awake at 2:10 a.m. rain.  Add to it the furnace and the cars whizzing up the hill, I believe sleep may allude me tonight. The first thoughts in my head were those of frustration, annoyance, and defeat. […]

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When You’re So Tired (Dazed & Confused)

…you either can’t fall asleep or you’re in such a deep state of sleep, you don’t remember anything.  You don’t know if you dreamt about something or someone, you may sleepwalk (which I don’t think I have done since junior high), or you do something else strange…and have absolutely no idea why. This is a […]

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Mixing Circles

Does everyone else keep their circles of friends separate?  I am quite curious as to why.  I have done this for a long time with no real justifiable reasons. There are the work friends, the friends since school days, and those met through the school years of my children.  Sure, there are some different interests and […]

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What is This Thing Called Love?

What is Love? It’s defined as an intense feeling of affection; a romantic and intimate attraction to another. How does love feel?  Sure, it is the butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see him or her.  It’s the jolt of electricity when your hands touch.  It can be the dizzying feeling […]

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