The rain splattering against my window, normally soothing and sleep inducing, is now a cacophony; a keep me awake at 2:10 a.m. rain.  Add to it the furnace and the cars whizzing up the hill, I believe sleep may allude me tonight.

The first thoughts in my head were those of frustration, annoyance, and defeat. Luckily, two things immediately popped into my brain instead:  first, I gave up complaining during Lent and second, “Hey  you, yes you! Don’t you write about shifting perspectives?”  Of course I do, so what good can I find in this moment?

Although we have had a bit too much lately and some have suffered flooding damage, the rain feeds the ground in preparation for spring (now under 30 days away)!  Nature is preparing to be reborn and we personally can join in this glorious time of renewal.

The rhythm of the droplets hitting the roof and windows coupled with the beating of our hearts can help us to settle into a meditative state.  The early hours, when the skies are the darkest and most of the world has quieted, are some of the best moments to get back to our core; getting in touch with our souls.  Notice I did not say it was time to get stuck in our own heads (a very dangerous place sometimes), but a place to be calm and quiet with our hearts and souls. Listen for that small inner voice that often brings the answers we seek.  Listen carefully, God’s voice may be in the thunder or a gentle whisper.

Rain, like tears, cleanses.  Don’t be afraid to let a few flow and bring healing and peace.  Laying here, I realize how much I love the rain, the darkness, the moon and stars.  I love moments of pure solitude and choose to let them bring joy and bliss rather than the gray, cloudiness of gloom and doom.

Embracing the newness spring will soon bring!