Month: March 2018

Forgiveness: Wrong No More

Easter: Forgiveness & Renewal

We knew it was wrong, but we did it anyway; hurting and turning away from both human and God. In essence, hammering the nails into the flesh ourselves… I listened to a sermon message from my former Pastor (Brian Diebold) tonight.  I paraphrase: “Forgiveness—God dealt with our sins and all of the wrongs on the cross […]

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Getting Out of Our Heads

We all have moments (or years) when we get stuck in our heads. Welcome to the chaos.  We get stuck in the past, we worry about the future, we over-think everything to death.  It’s reached a level far beyond pondering about life, goals, dreams, what’s for dinner, etc.  Nope, it’s nothing sweet and pretty but instead, […]

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Children Learning to Think

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ~ Margaret Mead This is one of the most important tasks we have as parents.  Under our guidance, children should be taught to question things.  They are going to be told a lot of things in their lifetimes that simply are not true.  While […]

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Parents: We Can’t Be Afraid of the Tough Conversations

Daughter shyly walks into the room and asks dad to take her to the store.  Dad agrees and on the way, she asks “Will you please come in with me, I need some personal items.”  Dad blushes and begins to fidget and squirm in his seat.  “What kind of items”, he asks? “Stuff, dad, stuff […]

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Conversation Starters 5.0

Let’s talk about how we speak with one another. The first hurdle to overcome is not to spend a lot of time talking “to” someone rather speak “with” them. Some of the topics to be covered this week include: Demanding a service while simultaneously degrading those who provide it for us. Being passive aggressive with […]

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Talking with Teens

Trying to pin down a teen to have a conversation, sigh, some of you certainly know what I mean. Pulling teeth or catching a wet dog (or toddler) is often easier.  You get the sighs and the eye rolls and the look of utter dismay.  We parents must persist though as there are too many […]

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Talk With Me

“Let’s have the conversations we’re not having.  Let’s talk about why we don’t talk.  Let’s tell each other what we’re really thinking.  Let’s lay out our hurts, our hang-ups, our hearts.  Let’s admit our failures and ask each other’s forgiveness.  Let’s show each other who we really are and see if there can still be […]

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Communication Dysfunction

We often create much of our own chaos, confusion and dysfunction.  The things that could be solved if we just took the time to sit with one another in respect and love; providing assurance that virtually nothing is too difficult to work through.  They are just words (and I am not condoning angry, hurtful, or […]

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Pour a Cup & Sit a Spell

Pour a cup and sit with me Let’s talk about the birds and bees And all things in between Let’s talk until the break of dawn ’til we no longer have words to say Let’s sleep curled up safe and warm Let more words fill our dreams We wake, we kiss, we pour a cup […]

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Relationships for Wrong Reasons

I have met several young people lately (18-25) in states of anxiety because they have never had serious relationships or they have just broken up and hate being single.  Why is this? I am trying to remember back to that time of my life–sure it seemed like everyone had a significant other and I did […]

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