What are you searching for today?

We often make it so much more difficult than it needs to be. Most of what we need is already inside of us: faith, strength, power, mercy, grace, hope, patience, joy, gratitude, compassion, empathy, wisdom, peace, love….

Life comes along though and gives us obstacles, challenges, heartbreak, grief, frustration and anger; and we sometimes bury all of the “good” stuff deep inside so that all that can rise to the surface is bitterness and resentment.

So then what do we do? We spend our days looking for happiness and fulfillment just like looking for a needle in a haystack. We can’t seem to find it anywhere. Exhaustion, sadness, worry, anxiety starts to set in; now we appear to be at war with ourselves.

Today, the perspective shift is to stop looking elsewhere for the things we already possess inside ourselves. Dive deep past the muck and mire that we have let fill us up. Lungs may burn, you may feel like you can’t breathe, there may even be some pain as we move past the darkness. But suddenly, we see it, that little light. We rub our eyes, no! we aren’t just seeing things. We move toward it just a little further, one more deep breath until suddenly there it is: a bright, shiny box where we have haphazardly tucked away all the good stuff.

Engraved in brilliant gold lettering, it reads “Open Me”. We tiptoe over, anxious and nervous. When we touch the box, we get startled for a bit as a jolt of energy hits our bones. We want more. Move toward the box and do what it says; go on, go ahead and open it! Oh how glorious it is when we do!

We have had the power inside us all along to open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts. All we need, we have already been given. Don’t bury those gifts in the basement, but instead, let them fill our hearts and souls. Then go out and share them with the world!

Stop searching for the needle in the haystack; look in the mirror instead. All that’s needed is right there inside of the reflection staring back. ❤

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