Creating memories, a sense of caring, reduced stress, creativity booster, improved cognitive function, visual and auditory experiences, attention and focus drivers, tradition, timeless, tangible, personal, lovely, preservation:  all reasons to continue the art of a handwritten letter.

These special moments created in the present will live on as treasured keepsakes for future generations to enjoy.  Perspective shift this year from the impersonal texts and emails. Yes, they are quick and convenient at times for an important check in or for business purposes, but they certainly don’t convey thoughts, emotions, and love like that of a handwritten note or letter.  Perhaps you too get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you see a movie or read a book where the characters find old letters and imagine the lives of the writers and recipients.  Oh, the romance! Sigh and swoon…

Join me this year in resurrecting this seemingly lost art and join the Shoebox Challenge 2018.  Check in and share your successes and joys with the group!  Happy writing!

Shoebox Challenge 2018

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    • I have written 3 and mailed 2 (which were very well received). I am still nervous about sending the third. Have you been able to give it a shot?

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