We often create much of our own chaos, confusion and dysfunction.  The things that could be solved if we just took the time to sit with one another in respect and love; providing assurance that virtually nothing is too difficult to work through.  They are just words (and I am not condoning angry, hurtful, or hateful words here).  One, and then another, and yet another and soon, sentences, paragraphs, stories begin to flow.

Why are we so afraid?  I know, we think we will hurt the others feelings or break their heart.  We are afraid of their possible anger, rejection, misunderstanding what we are trying to convey.  Perhaps though, if we look via a different perspective, it may bring relief, understanding, compassion and love.

We will tackle many topics here and via other vehicles. What I can tell you is that we can’t be afraid to say the words and, more importantly, we can’t be afraid to hear them.  They are just words; they can be soft and tender, loud and affirmative, but always respectful and always with care.  Imagine what we could accomplish by improving our overall communication skills.

What conversation will you have today?  If you begin with “I would like to speak with you about….”, I believe you will have it much easier than “We need to talk”.  It’s all about finding your brave and all about perspective.

Join me as we begin to cure “The Communication Dysfunction”!