“Sometimes what we label as realization(s) can very well be a lie / it can be an illusion fitting our mood and environment for that specific period of time or situation; it’s not a constant, it’s relative and highly subjective and we are always left a little confused to some extent.  We don’t need realizations as much as we need self-belief and for that, you just have to start believing in yourself for who you are and accept and thrive to be the best version of you.  I think it’s a simple approach that can transform us, and it’s the natural response for coping, learning, building, etc. ourselves since birth.  For example, it’s self-belief that allows the baby to walk.  When you honestly believe in, master and respect your own self for whomever you are, you instantly teach yourself a greater sense of self-worthiness.  That strong force within yourself can make you unstoppable, unmovable and invincible or anything that your core self desires and aspires to be.”

~Anonymous Wisdom