What is holding us back now, in this very moment?  Shame? Fear of ridicule, rejection or failure? Being a disappointment to family, friends, ourselves?  That the world around us continually feeds us the message that we aren’t good enough, talented enough, smart enough, just plain not worthy enough (so much so that we begin to believe this and awaken the negative voice that lives inside)?

News flash:

We can be afraid, we can feel too vulnerable, we can feel powerless, we can feel that we don’t deserve success, or that we are not enough. No one can take away how we feel; but those are simply emotions and emotions can change if we would just get out of our own damn way! Own the feelings then cast them aside and choose something better.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the habitual ways of letting our minds convince us that we must focus on unrealistic expectations, worries, resentments, and judgments. Life is going on around us, but we are too busy listening to the negative inner voices.

To begin getting out of our own way, we must get comfortable with our inner self, and I mean deep into our core. Take a walk alone, meditate, and learn to appreciate and almost crave some solitude. There, you will discover what you are doing to cause yourself to suffer, what is pulling you down, and how you are creating your own chaos.

In solitude, notice what thoughts are dragging you down and holding you back from experiencing happiness and living in joy. Are you always feeling inadequate, feeling like a victim of your past or present, have unrelenting fears or sadness? If so, you are in your own way. Only you are in charge of your happiness; so you have a choice, are you going to be miserable or are your choosing happiness?

Accept your experiences, faults, and failures; acknowledge them for what they are but do not let them control you. You learn from them, you are accountable, you let them go.

When you accept these things, know that no one can use them against you so, you can let go of that negative thought process as well. Once you let go, stop and celebrate that moment. You can see the simple, beautiful life you are meant to live. You can make great decisions out of a space of love rather than fear. You remove the limitations you have placed upon yourself and you can soar once again!

Talk about a perspective shift!

Stop worrying about the “what ifs”; focus on gratitude for having new opportunities.

Stop being so worried, choose to be curious and move from your comfort zone.

Worrying is optional so why feed it? Choose to see the endless possibilities you have.

Embrace your vulnerability instead of fearing it. Take the risk, use the power within you.

What’s holding you back? Not you any longer!  When out of your own way, you stop resisting life and start living it fully.  When you step out of your mind-created past, you will see clarity and truth in living. Your own habits will no longer choke out peace and happiness.

You always have a choice.  What will you choose today?

(originally published 2016)

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